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Leki Electric Motorcycles | Electric Motorbikes

Leki electric 5000W

Leki Electric Motorcycle 5000W

From $7,999

Introducing our state-of-the-art, fully electric vehicle: designed for both style and efficiency. This full-sized marvel combines the best of eco-friendly technology with the convenience of street legality, ensuring you can traverse urban landscapes and beyond without the need for specialized charging equipment. Available now in an array of sleek finishes including Gloss Black, Matte Black, and pristine White, our electric vehicle redefines the future of sustainable transportation, available for immediate purchase.

Payment plan available, $500 down and get your Leki Electric Motorcycle.

Simplified Charging

No specialty charging equipment required, LEKI can be charged using a standard wall socket.

Anti-Lock Breaking System (ABS)

Enhancing driver safety by preventing skidding and control during intense braking maneuvers.

Charge Time

4-6hrs charge time from any standard power point socket.


5000W sports style, full sized electric motorbike with an average range of 140k's per charge.

Regenerative Breaking

Regenerative (‘regen’) braking can easily be activated to increase your battery range.

Leki Performance

5000W motor, 72v80Ah Lithium battery delivering a top speed of 105Km per hour.

Instand Feedback

LEKI is a smart EB with existing technology to connect via bluetooth for performance & self diagnostic insights for both the rider and approved service centre.

Leki Advantage

LEKI’s modular design means as battery technology advances, riders can upgrade their battery for improved performance and range.

Secure your leki with a fully
refundable $500 deposit

Leki Electric Motorcycles | Electric Motorbikes