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LEKI Australia is raising capital through Swarmer PTY LTD AFSL 50786 crowd-sourced funding (CSF) Act).

The future of automotive mobility is electric with McKinsey projecting the two-wheeler mobility market to reach a value of $218 billion in 2029. 30% of the market is forecast to be electric, growing at a CAGR 14.8% by 2026. With Australia’s market following the same trajectory by 2029 it is forecast to reach $480 million in electric motorcycle sales.

Currently, only a small portion of the market is electrified and accessibility is limited due to high prices. LEKI presents an opportunity for investors to take a lead in the affordable electric motorcycle market.

LEKI offers full-sized electric motorcycles with full road approvals in place in Australia. Our first model is already on the road in Australia, showcasing its reliability and market fit with motorcycle enthusiasts. As the first-to-market affordable electric motorcycle in the AUS.

LEKI is poised to gain significant market share. LEKI’s low upfront capital requirements, combined with the ability to quickly generate positive cash flows due to minimal overhead costs, contract manufacturing and simple onshore assembly, make our model highly scalable.

LEKI is raising $1.5M under favourable terms to introduce affordable electric motorcycles into the AUS market.

Join us in revolutionising personal transport and reducing carbon emissions.

For details on the investment offer or to register your interest visit swarmer.com.au/en/company/leki/overview/ or contact us below.

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Leki Electric Motorcycles | Electric Motorbikes
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Leki Electric Motorcycles | Electric Motorbikes